Fundamental information:
What do I need to know to just show up at The War Zone to play?

Public games are open to all honorable players aged 10 and up (there may be very rare exceptions where only adults are allowed to play in a certain event).

ALL experience levels are encouraged to attend, especially new players. There is typically a very wide range of ages and experience levels playing together on any given day.

The vast majority of players that come out already have their own equipment to play. Check the required equipment list below to make sure you are in full compliance. If you need to rent equipment, check that section farther below for pricing.

Important! Check to see when we are having a game(s). Each week, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday, we post up any events we'll be hosting for the upcoming week or so. The locations online that the schedule can be found is detailed on the "Events" page.

Read the rules in advance and have your waiver ready if it is your first time out.

Compliance with the rules is mandatory! They exist to provide structure and ensure a safe playing environment. We will not tolerate cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct. At no time is one person's money more important to us than the enjoyment of everybody else; if you are a problem then you'll be asked to leave and not return. Be honest, safe and considerate.

The field is large (about 18 acres) but completely fenced in. It's not really possible to get lost. The game play area is scaled based on how many players attend on a given day and what the game format will be.

All players must have a 22-channel radio ("walkie-talkie") (which can be rented). This allows teams to communicate with each other for greatly enhanced gameplay and also allows any player to reach a staff member if ever they need assistance for any reason.

The field is owned by five adult professional airsoft enthusiasts who not only manage the business, maintain the property, and referee games, but quite often also play alongside their customers. Several paid field marshals are also on staff too. All staff are first aid and CPR certified. Staff monitors all team radio channels throughout each day, and also operates on a separate channel to coordinate the game and be reachable by any player needing help.

Required equipment by all players for all public events:

1) ANSI Z87.1 and/or ASTM F-1776-99a rated (or greater) ballistic eye protection. (Generally, this will be any full-seal goggle or face mask with lenses that is made for airsoft, paintball or military use.) *
     NOTE! Full face protection required if player under 18 years old.
2) Boots. NOT sneakers.
3) Gloves.
4) Hard-shell kneepads. *
5) Bright orange or red cloth "kill rag" of at least 12" x 12" square (e.g. red bandana). *
6) Waiver on file (notarized if player under 18 years old and parent is not present to sign in front of staff).
7) 22-channel FRS/GMRS radio. *
8) Field-issued, individually numbered backtag. (You will receive this after you have submitted your waiver.)
9) Watch or other time-keeping device.

* = These items may be rented for a small fee.

Important!! Bring LOTS of water to drink! Keeping yourself hydrated is your responsibility and is paramount especially in the warmer months of the year. Eating a hearty meal before coming out is recommended too, so you have lots of energy for the day.

Optional equipment:

1) Medic bandage (“IFAK”)
   a ) A medic band is defined as a white strip of cloth of at least 2” wide by 36” long. Each player must provide their own medic band if they wish to partake in medic rules (i.e. on-field healing). (This simple device can save you a lot of walking back to respawn over the course of a play day.)
2) Tactical map of the field. Highly recommended to help you learn to navigate the property and be a more effective teammate.
3) Bug spray and sunscreen.

Notes about clothing:

We divide players into teams based on how they are dressed.
     A ) Generally light-colored camo patterns and light-colored clothing will be considered the "tan team." Typically, this is clothing colored in light green, tans or greys.
     B ) Generally dark-colored camo patterns and dark-colored clothing will be considered the "green team." Typically, this is clothing colored in dark greens, browns or blacks.
     C ) Please make every effort to dress oneself as to be clearly "green" or "tan"; AVOID half light/half dark modes of dress.


Cash is preferred, but The War Zone also can accept all major credit cards via mobile smartphone card reader.
Rental equipment and fees:

Field admission fee per player must still be paid in addition to any rental items.

Currently, The War Zone has approximately (35) total MP5-A4, M4, M16 and AK-47 styled airsoft electric guns ("AEG's") to rent for use.

Rental of (1) AEG, battery and magazine: $15
Rental of (1) form of eye protection: $5
Rental of (1) set of kneepads: $5
Rental of (1) 22-channel radio: $5
Complete rental package: $25 (Save $5!)

Complete rental packages will include:
(1) airsoft electric gun ("AEG")
(1) fully charged battery
(1) magazine (typically high-capacity holding around 400 BB's)
(1) pair of goggles or full face mask
(1) kill rag
(1) kneepads
(1) 22-channel radio
You will receive instructions on the proper use of above equipment.

(Gloves and boots are still the responsibility of the renter to provide.)

BB's will have to be purchased separately. If you rent guns from us, you MUST purchase our BB's to use in them.

Purchase of other supplies:

Most commonly needed supplies are usually available for sale at the field.

(1) 2700-count bottle of 0.25g BB's: $12
(1) 2700-count bottle of 0.28g BB's: $15
(1) 2700-count bottle of 0.32g BB's: $23
(1) 12-gram CO2 cartridge: $2
(1) 8 oz. can of green gas: $15
(1) wire-pull smoke grenade: $8
(1) EG-18 smoke grenade: $15

Other items such as batteries, magazines, etc can be brought by staff to the field for sale if we are notified in advance.

Food and drink:

Beverages and snacks may be available for purchase very occasionally. It is STRONGLY recommended that each player bring LOTS of bottles of water or sports drinks to stay hydrated, as well as packing a lunch or snack to eat sometime during the day. There is generally NOT sufficient time on the lunch break (if we take one) to leave the field and go off-site for food.

Frequent Player Packages:

Play at The War Zone often? Buying a Skirmish Pass can save you lots of money!

5-pack Skirmish Pass: $85 (You're paying $17 per skirm rather than $20)

10-pack Skirmish Pass: $150 (You're paying $15 per skirm rather than $20)

Usage: You will be issued a punch card usable during a specific calendar year. Each time you come to play, present your card at the gate and a staff member will delete a game in lieu of your admission fee. You may choose to use your game punches to pay for other players, if so desired. Staff will take the card upon the last punch being used. For use to pay for skirmishes, not operations. The card is your responsibility; it will not be replaced if lost or forgotten.

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Public Airsoft Events

Want a fun, insured, safe, well-supervised and structured site to play airsoft with scores of other people?
The War Zone is the place to go!

We host one or more days of open airsoft games virtually every week of the year!
Types of games and fees:

The War Zone typically hosts two different broad types of open events:

1) Skirmishes ("Skirms")
- Skirms are the most common format played, a friendly "pick-up" style, where teams/squads will be formed on the spot with whomever shows up on that particular day. Care is always taken to distribute newer players evenly between teams, and teams may be mixed up and changed throughout the day to vary play. Skirms will still employ props, missions and objectives, but those elements will not be quite as in-depth and developed as used during ops.

Skirms will take one of three main forms:

     A) "Open Play" skirmish (by far the most common)
          Cost: $20 per player
          Game style: Low to medium complexity. Slow introduction to more advanced concepts and tactics.

B) "OpenSIM" skirmish (seldom)
          Cost: $20 per player
          Game style: Moderate complexity. Introduction to more advanced concepts and tactics. This is a predominantly semi-auto format with only every 5th person acting as a support gunner and allowed to use full-auto.

C) "RealSIM" skirmish (very rare)
          Cost: $20 per player
          Game style: Highly tactical. Complex missions. Advanced rules and concepts. Generally, older and more mature crowd. Emphasis on squad tactics and communication. Willingness to try out new rules, like detailed wound systems and other realism additions. Quite often may have semi-auto mandatory or limited ammo rules. Special rules such as high-value targets or sniper teams may be employed.

2) Operations ("Ops") (or other special events)
- Ops are larger, more elaborate scenario-style games, usually advertised farther in advance, and registration and pre-pay is typically required. Ops normally have uniform requirements, as managing large numbers of players is infinitely easier when each team wears a consistent camouflage pattern. Ops will follow one of the basic gametypes (Open Play, OpenSIM or RealSIM) and then will likely have additional rules or modifications tacked on, such as requirements or restrictions on gear, game style or tactics. Ops generally are longer games, and involve very complicated rules, objectives or strategy. When ops are scheduled, the details and requirements for that op will be made known usually several weeks in advance, as many elements could deviate from the traditional skirmish format. It is important to carefully read all provided information on the event, and follow the appropriate topic on Buffalo Airsoft for daily updates and changes that may be posted.
Variable. Typically $25-$40 per person per event. Generally pre-pay by a certain date is required.

Typical timeline on a given play day:

          For a SUNDAY skirmish:
-Arrival time for skirms is between 9:30am-10:45am.
-Players must gear up and have their gun(s) chronographed by 11am.
-NO players will be processed through the gate after 10:50am.
-Safety briefing begins at 11am and takes about 15 minutes.
-Teams and game format gets selected next, and then players take the field to begin combat around 11:30am.
-Occasionally several shorter games will be played, but typically one continuous scenario is performed for the entire period. Play normally runs to 3pm.

          For OTHER skirmish days (such as Saturdays or weekday evenings) or for NIGHT games or OPS, the starting and ending times will likely be different. Check the game posting(s) on Facebook or Buffalo Airsoft for details.
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